Friction Heater

It's easy to get hot water from friction,

a centrifugal pump running with the outlet tap turned off

My initial tests were pretty impressive for such a unit

The water temp was 69 degrees(F)

and had my hand on the pump

It was at 80 degrees

and within 15 minutes It averaged 7 degrees per min

and there is a gallon and a half in the system

Every home And can save thousands of dollars in heating bills.

The Fuel less Heater is a simple and relatively easy to construct device that is proven to work!

Some critics claim that the heater defies basic laws of physics. With an efficiency of 100% and more. an!

A fuel less Furnace
that uses atomic friction instead of fuel to heat

I heard of a man who built this Free Energy Heater out of a 10 year old washing machine!!

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